Bringing Education to Youth & Learning Initiatives

BEYLI is an acronym of Bringing Education to Youth & Learning Initiatives, whereas BEYLI means “true friend” in local language. BEYLI is a youth-led, non-profit organization founded by a group of young professional activists under Societies Registration Act of XXI 1860, based in Jauharabad district Khushab with the vision “Lets Empower Lives”.

The inspirational story of BEYLI is connected to a young group of students who started working together to bring positive social change by breaking the status quo and changing the climate of opinion of young people. The young group was implementing several Social Action Projects, Advocacy Campaigns and Capacity Building Programs in collaboration with other institutions.In order to network with Government and other developmental Agencies, this youth group registered an organization named BEYLI to work further as a registered entity.

BEYLI’s major work areas are education, conflict resolution and peace building, women empowerment and entrepreneurship by engaging youth from remote areas regardless of gender, faith, color and social status. BEYLI’s distinctive feature is to implement innovative approaches through peer education, dialogues and arts by empowering youth to work in local communities.


Let’s Empower Lives…!


BEYLI’s mission is to empower youth to work together as agents of change from local level to policy development to bring peace & harmony, civic education, creation of entrepreneurial opportunities and to establish a democratic society


  • To create an environment with inter-personal and inter-faith harmony for peaceful co-existence by sensitizing youth.
  • To educate unprivileged people by engaging young people to volunteerism.
  • To empower youth for entrepreneurship through career counseling and skill development.
  • Effective participation of youth in policy making and ensuring good governance.
  • To conduct researches on social issues and design campaigns for the advocacy of less privileged.
  • To take steps for establishing a violence free society with gender equality, women empowerment and child protection.