Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

BEYLI Organization believes that peace and harmony among individuals are the most important factors for a society to progress. Socioeconomic and political development is only possible when there will be peace among people. BEYLI Organization in building and promoting peace by engaging, training and mobilizing young people. Young people are working with the BEYLI Organization in various capacities to build peace. A number of youth is working as a Peace Ambassador to promote peace and harmony in Muslim-Christian Communities. BEYLI Organization with the collaboration of Chanan Development Association (CDA) organized Sport Gala with  a theme “Play for Peace”; in which a large number young people from Christian-Muslim communities enthusiastically participated.

On the Contrary, Young people are voluntarily working with Edupowerment program. Edupowerment aims to build capacity of students of religious schools. So that those students have a moderate approach towards life and they would be able to set their own goals for life. BEYLI Organization is the first ever youth led NGO which is working in this area. The most interesting aspect of this program is that young people are contributing to promote peace in societies.

BEYLI Organization is inculcating peace education through innovative methodologies. The creative approach to educate and mobilize young people are salient features of the organization.

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