Educators Development Program (EDP)

Project Title: Educators Development Program

Funded by: Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (Department of State USA)

Location: District Khushab

Beneficiaries: 150+

Project Status: Completed

Educators Development Program (EDP) was designed to equip Primary and Secondary School teachers with cutting-edge teaching methodologies.  EDP successfully addressed core areas of the instructional competencies of teachers through these rigorous training workshops. The main objectives of EDP were to enhance the capacity of teachers by empowering them with the most advanced instructional practices.

Educators Development Program was based upon participatory modules and activities so that the educators would have equaled chance to express their own experience and find sustainable solutions during workshops. This project provided a rare opportunity of capacity building for Primary and Secondary School teachers to learn modern day teaching approaches such as constructivist and differentiated learning theories, managing classroom environment, use of ICTs, innovative techniques to design curriculum, leadership and management and inculcation of responsible activism in students.

Educators Development Program consisted total of 5 training Workshops. More than 19 schools participated in this Training Program. A batch of 30-35 teachers were trained in each (2 Day) training. EDP encouraged community school teachers to attend the program and there were several educators who participated in this program.

Goal: To equip Primary/Secondary School Teachers with cutting-edge teaching methodologies.


  • To educate teachers how to develop curriculum through understanding by design and implementation of Constructivist and Differentiated classroom learning
  • To build the capacity of teachers in terms of Instructional leadership methods
  • To train how to design innovative teaching activities by using Information, Communication and Technologies (ICTs)
  • To instruct how to inculcate a sense of responsibility in students through active citizenship
  • To empower teachers with approaches managing internal/external conflicts

List of School Participated:

1) Chenar Public School

2) Allied School

3) Shaheen Public School

4) Olympia Model School

5) Al-Marhaba Cadet School

6) Usama Public School

7) Iqra Public School

8) Javed Public School

9) Standard Progressive School

10) The Educators School

11) Elahi Foundation

12) Dar-e-Arqam

13) Al-Syed Model School

14) Misali Ravian School

15) Al-Khalil City School

16) Little Scholars School

17) Unique Model School

18) Hamza Public School

19) M.C.Q. Educational System

Project Partners: Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, Elahi Foundation Jauharabad.