Edupowerment is an educational program designed for the students of Madrassahs (Religious Schools) to empower them with modern day English language competency and computer skills. Pakistan has been plagued by the twin menaces of extremism and sectarian violence in recent decades.

BEYLI Organization took this initiative to empower those students who have been neglected and were used for sinister or else unfruitful activities. A team of change-makers changed the climate of opinion of religious scholars and convinced them to engage their students in computer literacy and English learning so that they can contribute to socio-economic development of country.

This program is being implemented with collaboration of Elahi Foundation Jauharabad and Universal Service Fund (USF) in Jauharabad. A class of 10 students is learning computer skills and English on daily basis along with experts from the respective domains.

BEYLI organization is planning to expand Edupowerment program to whole district and to involve more madrassahs with it. It is our priority to provide every child quality education and educational material. You can help us to establish more laboratories and engaging more teachers to bring peace and harmony along with making progress.

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