Project Title: PLANTISTAN

Location: Lahore, Pakistan (Expanding nationwide)

Project Lead: Ms. Faiqua Younas

The project Plantistan was initiated in 2016 by planting trees after exploring the cataclysmic effects of climate change in Pakistan. Plantistan – a combination of two words Plant Pakistan – is a project originated after experiencing extreme temperatures. The project, started from Lahore city, is designed to educate the people of Pakistan about the integral delicate link between climate change and its aftermath on our future. Plantistan aims to fight the devastating effects of Climate Change/Global Warming in Pakistan through educating people on this issue and by planting trees with a vision of creating a decarbonized and sustainable society.

In August 2017, BEYLI Organization and Plantistan founder Ms. Faiqua Younas signed an MoU to fight together against Climate Change. Climate change is a global phenomenon directly affecting our lives. Today, people in Pakistan are experiencing increased temperatures and unseasonal rains; longer and hotter summer seasons and shorter winter seasons. Though Pakistan ranks 135th in contributing carbon globally with 0.8 percent of its shares — still it is among top 10 countries that have been badly affected by climate change. Major factors causing climate change is deforestation and industrialization leading to the emission of greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, Pakistan remained on top with the highest annual rate of deforestation in Asia. Data collected from Global Forest Watch on 21st of August 2017, shows that Pakistan lost 9,267 hectares of trees from 2001 to 2015. On the contrary, only 850 hectares of land were planted between 2001 to 2012. Loss of trees in Pakistan can be considered a factor in climate change and degradation of eh environment. Climate Change has not only affected weather patterns of Pakistan, but it is also a severe threat to our water resources. A report issued by the International Monetary Fund in 2015, stated Pakistan 36th in the list of most-water stressed countries in the world.

Therefore, Plantistan initially involves two different platforms to achieve its goal of preparing individuals about anthropic acts on planet earth, climate change and how to mitigate greenhouse gases. Plantistan anticipates to educate people through Social Media and by mobilizing students, teachers and other stakeholders through awareness campaigns and capacity building programs. In addition to that, Plantistan also plans to plant maximum number trees as per available resources.


  • To establish a strategic program through which we can secure our future by creating a decarbonized and sustainable society.
  • To sensitize the people of Pakistan about graveness of climate change and its effects.
  • To plant maximum number of trees.
  • To carry out research on climate change in Pakistan and to introduce sustainable and eco-friendly methodologies that will mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • To take action to combat climate change as per Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) number 13

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