Youth Development

BEYLI Organization is a youth led NGO which is determined to build the capacity of youth in Pakistan.  Out of 180 million, 60 percent of Pakistan’s population comprises of youth. According to 2008 statistics, 36 million are in the age group of 20-24 years and 58 million are below the age of 15. This huge bulge of population can change the future of Pakistan. There is a dire need to transform these young people as human resource for sustainable development.

The issue related to youth should be addressed and young people should be included in the policy making process. Young people have salient features such as; critical thinking, flexible, leadership qualities, innovative nature and effective communication skills. This is why young people have an imperative role to play. Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if young people are sensitized and trained to work as a workforce with a shared vision. BEYLI Organization is building capacity of young people through intensive trainings, campaigns, arts, sports other innovative activities.

BEYLI Organization has successfully trained and mobilized hundreds of young people through its programs. Almost all programs and projects contains a large quantity of young people who work voluntarily to develop their communities. The leadership of BEYLI Organization has worked with the British Council as Facilitator of Active Citizens Program and addressed hundreds of young people benefited across the country.


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